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About Us


Alfalah Business Solutions Ltd is a management consultancy firm aimed at providing various management, finance and business development solutions at single platform. We provide highly satisfactory solutions in consulting and management at much affordable rates in the market. Alfalah Business Solutions Ltd is a Niche business solution firm. We are based in Stoke-On-Trent but provide nationwide services.


As a company and as individuals, we are committed to being aware of the burden of general management, research, human resources and financial record keeping. Our committed staff endeavours to provide services in your best interest. We are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility program and we understand the importance of each concerned business matter. Our expert staffs provide quality and affordable solutions that are reliable, effective and economical in the market. For this purpose we recognize the importance of training and development and our staff are trained to the high level, making sure the client is provided services at high satisfaction. We are trustable and honest and we never step back from giving you what we promise.



Our Aim and Objectives:


Alfalah Business Solutions aims to utilize its core capabilities and provide quality services in the market which exceed our customers' requirements.




  • Enhance Sales Techniques
  • Improve management and financial Services
  • Help young businesses to grow in current economic climate
  • Attract new Customers by exceptional marketing strategies
  • Increase our customer base each year



Our Pricing Strategy

Alfalah Business has used low pricing strategy to help our clients in the market. Quotes can be gained by calling us.


Recognizing Responsibility

At Alfalah Business in the market; we recognize our responsibility to protect individuals and businesses from frauds and other business related failures. Using a creative and modern way of thinking, we strive to create awareness and support you from start till the end. Our team provides a friendly and professional environment and responds to all queries immediately.

Aiming for Positive Change

Our position as a business consulting firm allows us to use our experience and assets to provide future business as well as individual clients, with the tools to improve and enjoy a balanced business in marketplace. We recognize the importance of an active community in the pursuit of positive change. Our committed staffs provide you all level support so that you are preserved from ill-treated business solutions.

Alfalah Business Solutions targets sole traders, SMEs and other businesses in the market that may expand to large firms in the near future. The services include general management, financial analysis, human resource and market research activities. The company also provides accountancy solutions to SMEs via third party certified agents and Analysts. In addition we provide services such as business development and businesses sale that brings investors together into a strong symbiotic relationship.

We have made consistent efforts and believe that this has improved upon and exploit our weaknesses to gain local market share. We are confident that utilising our highly productive and innovative strategies, we can help clients in keeping eye over their budgets, analyse their management strategies and plan for future. We aim to work in providing various management and financial solutions that make us competitive and different in the market. We beleive in our qualified and competent team and assure you, that you are in safe hands while taking ouir services.



Our Stregths:

  • Owners are highly qualified in relevant field.
  • Core capabilities and simple flat hierarchy structure
  • Motivated and committed staff
  • High level of personalised attention and customer care.
  • Serving customers with multilingual skills in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English


Alfalah Business Solutions enjoys in the market by providing services in the prospective field. The business has flat hierarchy structure that allows our clients and partners to come in direct contact with us.


In the world of hyper change and challenges we understand the importance of business requirements and our business sensitive and linguistically capable firm devise actionable plans for client’s management within our scope. The in-depth research and market portfolio has enabled our firm; to deeply understand the business of small level businesses. Our tailored services allow businesses to enjoy a competitive edge by ensuring, the client becomes more productive and efficient.



Due to low overhead costs our prices are very low in market that gives us a competitive edge in the market. Our services are guaranteed and our business is fully insured that gives maximum satisfaction to our customers. Alfalah Business Solutions Ltd does not have to pay for underutilized staff or facilities. We are fully competent on our expertise that make us unique and different in the market.





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