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We provide following services in the market.



Financial and Accounting Services

  • Examining of business finance and accounting systems used by client.
  • Identifying and highlighting inefficiencies and incompliance in accounting policies and practice.
  • Finding the research based solutions and helping in the implementation process.
  • Preparing and reporting financial information for the management and auditors.
  • Providing book keeping services from third party.
  • Certifying all the payment and receipts from clients are received on time through correct invoicing.
  • Following up those clients who do not pay on time.
  • Preparing cash flows.
  • Supervising profit and loss accounts.
  • Advising clients about different funding sources.


Human Resource Services

  • Examining customer requirements through consultation
  • Investigating the current business structure and hierarchy
  • Presenting solutions incorporating costs and benefits to management.
  • Identifying weaknesses in current policies
  • Helping the outsourcing procedure through conducting research to find out the most efficient and cost effective outsourcing company.
  • Administering or outsourcing recruitment, training and development of the employees.
  • Advising management on performance evaluations.


Research Services

  • Examining customer requirements through consultation.
  • Conducting research by using primary and secondary data to help improvement of the relevant functions and processes.
  • Interpreting research results to formulate suggestions and solutions.
  • Assisting the outsourcing procedure in order to find most economical and efficient outsourcing company by conducting research.
  • Managing research and data collection and recommending clients on how to achieve maximum business goals of performance and profitability in the light of current research.



Management Services

  • Examining customer requirements through consultation
  • Conducting business audits to review business functions, procedures and objectives.
  • Identifying weaknesses and complications with policies and procedures causing less productivity.
  • Suggesting solutions by taking account of costs and benefits to management.
  • Assisting in implementation of improved business methods.
  • Examining the marketing function and advising on the best marketing tools to penetrate in the market


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